404 GIS Live Esri Drive Time Analysis with Google Traffic and Toronto RESCU Traffic Cameras

Sample: EMS Dispatch Navigation System

This web-mapping application, based on Google Maps Java Script API v3, allows EMS dispatchers to see current traffic conditions in the Toronto, ON area. The traffic data is consumed from the Google Live Traffic service. Furthermore, the following Esri services have been utilized: Driving Time Coverage, North America Geocoding, Directions. When a single address is entered into the «From» field, the geocoded location will be displayed on the map, and the Driving Time (1,2 & 3 minute) polygons will get generated upon clicking on «Route» button. If both the «From» and «To» fields are filled, an optimal route will be generated, and the Driving Directions will get displayed in a frame on the right-hand side. The Driving Time (1,2 & 3 minute) polygons will get generated for the origin address.
Single Click on the map to find Drive Time Coverage areas for 1, 2, and 3 minutes.
Click on the blue camera icon on the map to access current RESCU information along Don Valley Parkway, Toronto.

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